"Grendox Tzion Shel Zahav of Jo-Jac", aka 'Zion'

Smooth Cream Male

Zion comes to us from Grendox Dachshunds in Kentucky, as did our gorgeous Tiki.

Born in January of 2019, his first litter of puppies was born in February of this year.  He has gorgeous confirmation, and is gentle and affectionate, though a little bit shy until he gets to know someone new.



"Jo-Jac's Moonlight Magic" aka 'Magic'

Longhair Black/Cream Dapple Piebald Male


The son of Lilac and Foxfyre, Magic is the first Jo-Jac bred boy that we have kept in over 15 years of breeding.  He is beautiful and carries everything:  Cream, points, dilute, ee, and of course dapple and piebald.  And he has the most amazingly sweet and gentle personality that you could ask for!  So excited to see what the future holds with this beautiful boy.



"McMillan's Frosted Artic Fox" aka 'Foxfyre'

Longhair ee Cream Male

Foxfyre came to us from 'McMillan's Dachshunds' by way of 'The Jewelry Dox'.  He is a half brother to Angel, they share the same sire.  I am grateful to my friend Kasey Aldridge of 'The Jewelry Dox' for bringing this beautiful boy to me after our tragic loss of Ohri a few years ago. Foxfyre was the sire of almost all of our litters in 2018 and 2019.  He has now gone back to live with his original family now that we have two other males available, including his son Magic.



"CLV's Pretty Pied Piper of Jo-Jac", aka 'Piper'

Smooth Black Piebald Female


This dainty little girl is expecting a litter this fall, sired by Magic.  She comes to us from CLV Dachshunds in Wisconsin, carrying solid black and dilute.  This will be her 2nd litter.


 "Jo-Jac's Shamira Shalom", aka 'Shami'

Black/Cream Longhair Female


The daughter of Shayna and Foxfyre, Shami is a third generation Jo-Jac girl and is an absolutely beautiful girl.  She is silly and a delight, always carrying a toy around wherever she goes - usually her favorite LambChops.  Shami was born in the fall of 2018, and is expecting her second litter in May, sired by Zion. 



"Jo-Jac's L'Dor VaDor" aka "Dora"

Smooth Shaded 'Bronze' Cream Female

Dora is Velvet's beautiful daughter sired by Ohri, born in late 2015.  Having tragically lost Ohri, I am so thankful that we have this beautiful girl to carry on his legacy.  Her AKC name is "Jo-Jac's L'Dor Vador" which means "From Generation to Generation".  Very fitting for this 2nd generation Jo-Jac girl! 



"Jo-Jac's Wroyal Lady Violet" aka 'Violet'

Longhair Shaded Cream Female

Violet is a beautiful 'pick-of-litter' girl sired by Tiki, that I kept for my breeding program.  Her mother's pedigree goes back to the famed "SniffNTell" lines of Canada, and she is absolutely gorgeous.  Violet is in a Guardian home with a longtime family friend.  She had two ee cream girls in her only litter so far, born in 2018.